Remote *or* Virtual?

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Remote and Virtual are very different. Let’s unpack them.

Remote means you have a corporate hub or some physical locations, but some work and contribute without being present there.

In you go Virtual, you’ve got NO physical location; everyone is remote.

In the new world of work, many businesses — even banks! — are starting to go “remote”.

Facebook’s shift to “remote” is going to pressure more businesses — in tech and beyond — to go the same way.

Of course, if you operate a factory you won’t go remote, but for any service or digital product business, the choice — and opportunity — is here.

Keep in mind that even grocery (think: Walmart, Whole Foods) is rapidly becoming digital business.

Some businesses will go all the way to “virtual” because their customer base has gone “virtual”.

Here’s the key message: Human capital — applying skills to doing business, creating products, delivering services, and more — is not dependent on people being in physical proximity.

At KnackApp, we’ve pioneered the virtual mode a while ago, and it’s been awesome!

Coronavirus is the liberation of talent from the shackles of the physical world.

Going officeless changes everything we know, and most importantly—

  • How you create a sense of camaraderie, purpose and commitment

  • Where you look for talent

  • How you recruit and hire

  • How employees learn and grow

  • Who manages? Who leads?

  • How you collaborate and achieve results

The remote and virtual worlds of work are upon us.

This new digital reality requires new digital solutions that are fit for the new world.

Stay tuned as we’re about to release our next-generation digital platform, just in time to enable businesses, schools, colleges, families and individuals to make their transition into this bold new future.


Wishing you all a good weekend.

Stay safe, stay well!


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