Our actions often stand in the way of achieving our own goals.

We fail to notice (and remove) the blockers we put around us because we don’t question the way we go about doing things.

It’s time to reboot, and unblock.

Consider hiring.

Employers often require ‘qualifications’ that block highly qualified people from seeking and getting the job.

These requirements also stand in the way of business getting great talent it needs.

Degree and grade requirements are the most common blockers, but there are many others.

Apple and Microsoft, though, recognize degree requirements as blockers, at least when it comes to hiring software developers.

Yet there are still way too many blockers out there that must be removed, and far too many qualified people that can (and should) be unblocked.

Strong digital signals of superskills and microskills will make such blockers a thing of the past, and along the way also reshape access, liquidity and quality in the market for talent.

These skill signals will unblock companies, enabling them to find more great talent from more diverse backgrounds, and helping them match that talent to the important work that needs to get done.

Let’s get to work!

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