Democratizing the Future

Millions of youth worldwide are feeling totally hopeless about their future.

They worry they won’t be able to earn and live securely.

They’re anxious they don’t have control or ownership over their future (not to mention owning a home).

This deep sense of hopelessness breeds anger and anxiety, producing cycles of despair that put people on the slippery slope that leads them to the rock bottom.

This reality is unsustainable, and is manifestly unfair.

Unless we alter this trajectory, large segments of the next generation will not be able to support themselves, nor build meaningful lives.

It will have a devastating effect on the world’s future economic growth, too.

Changing this reality is critical.

Correcting the course is crucial.

We must unleash the powers of digital technology and mobile reach to empower people to build and own their future.

We must democratize the future.

Anything short of that just won’t do.