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One of the top pain points college students (and their parents) bring up is not being able to map out — and choose — the right education path.

As Brando Asitimbay, a student in Lehman College in Queens, New York, recently told The New York Times:

I believe it is important for every college student to figure out what their “call” is in life, whether it be medicine, politics, or business. Once this is determined, everything else will come naturally.

Upwards of 75 percent of students will change their study field at least once during college (some will change directions twice or more), delaying their graduation and accumulating higher debt.

Students end up making poor choices and many fail to realize their true potential altogether.

Amanda Starkey, a first-generation college graduate from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, faced exactly this problem—

When I was in my early years at college, I assumed everyone else was so much smarter than me, and that for whatever reason I wasn’t good enough to reach for the program I really wanted. I wish I would have had more faith in my ability to achieve great things. I would have gone to medical school like I always dreamed.

It’s a big problem.

The lack of accessible, high quality education and learning guidance is a big problem, affecting students, families, colleges, employers, and the economy at large.

Yet this problem is not limited to students in higher education programs; it also affects students and learners in vocational training programs, accelerated digital learning, and skill development pathways. 

We decided to tackle this problem with a combination of our behavioral neuroscience, machine intelligence, and gamification. Our R&D effort produced a set of Education Pathways, the newest addition to our growing portfolio of game-and-science-powered AI algorithms.

How do KnackApp Education Pathways work?

These algorithms enable people from all socioeconomic backgrounds to identify their most promising education and learning paths across 22 fields.

Individuals using KnackApp will get instant, automated feedback showing their ranked personalized education pathways, powered by our science-driven, evidence-based technology.

This feedback also maps fields of study they may not have been aware of at all.

What does this mean for students?

Students can now use the KnackApp to discover academic majors and learning fields that are best aligned with their natural skills.

Moreover, soon students, learners and workers will also be able to instantly connect to personalized recommendations of college programs, digital and nano courses, certificates, professional development, and other educational and skilling opportunities—that match their unique KnackApp profile.

What does this mean for schools, colleges, and skill providers?

Colleges, universities, schools, and government agencies in over 100 countries are already using KnackApp to guide students in high schools, higher education, and vocational training to their personalized best-fit paths.

For example, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission is using KnackApp to guide high school students in Illinois to the right college programs—and thereby to create a state-wide pipeline of work-ready college graduates. This allows Illinois to engage students digitally, and to provide them with the most useful guidance—all via their smartphones.

What Education Pathways will KnackApp guide you to?

  • Biology & Pre-Medicine

  • Biology & Pre-Pharmacy

  • Business: Accounting

  • Business: Analytics

  • Business: Entrepreneurship

  • Business: Finance

  • Business: Management

  • Business: Marketing

  • Communications

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • Architecture

  • Social Work

  • Engineering

  • Government & Pre-Law

  • Liberal Arts

  • Nursing

  • Psychology

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Math

  • Visual Art

We’re excited about this innovation and welcome your feedback.

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