Hire people not pedigree

Hiring is broken because companies hire for pedigree.

Much of the “information” employers ask for during a typical hiring “process” is meant to “ascertain” whether someone has good and valuable pedigree.

Pedigrees come in many shapes and forms, such as:

  • Having studied at a prestigious college

  • Having worked at a fancy company

  • Knowing someone reputable

  • Etc.

But employers are better off ignoring the pedigree and focusing on people.

They will benefit immensely from evaluating and selecting people on the basis of the intangible “assets” they have to offer.

Because in the end of the day what matters most is what someone can do in the future.

Where one studied or worked in the past doesn’t help you gauge the future; to the contrary, it leads you astray.

Smart leaders know that effective hiring is always a strategic priority.

Fortunately, fixing hiring was never as easy.

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