How did American millionaires do in high school?

Data on a representative sample of nearly 1000 millionaires in the US shows that the average millionaire has a high school GPA of 2.9 on a 4-point scale.*

How good is this?

With this GPA, your chance of getting into Stanford is not even 1%.**

Stanford is likely missing 99% of future millionaires.

Employers, beware!

  1. Grades don’t predict future success

  2. Using grades to “identify” your best future hires screens them out

  3. Sourcing candidates from selective colleges misses out on great talent

The takeaway

Old-fashioned criteria miss the mark. Success in the digital economy workplace requires more than academic grades. Success requires superskills, such as thinking skills, social skills, learning skills, and innovation skills. (Browse the skill store.)

* Use this table to see the conversion to letter grades and percent grades

* Check out the data

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