How this top business school uses Knack to transform graduate recruiting and job hunting 

Covid wreaked havoc on graduates’ career launch. Now, as life and business are starting to resume normalcy, young adults are eager to launch their careers and companies are eager to hire future business and leadership talent.

MIP Politecnico Di Milano Graduate School of Business is the first top business school to turn traditional graduate recruiting and placement on its head — by introducing Knack to their graduates and the corporate employers seeking to hire them.

Smart Recruiting Days, powered by Knack, changes the recruiting and placement game. Employers get unprecedented data-driven insight and digital visibility into the invaluable trove of human potential, and identify the graduates that match their business hiring needs.

At the same time, graduates discover and match with career programs at these companies that tap their unique potential for success in business and leadership roles.

Using Knack to unlock hidden human potential and match talent with opportunities enables unrivaled alignment and produces superior outcomes for both graduates and employers, including: fast and robust matching, higher placement rate, higher retention rates, and strong engagement — all while having fun!

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