How to get rich? (yes)

Here’s how.

Grow up in a high-earning household and go to school in a rich country.

This will get you strong math scores and the ticket to the jobs of the future.

In other words, the household you grow in and the country you live in have a huge effect on how much of your untapped potential ever gets unlocked and unleashed.

Your personal and collective socioeconomics determine your future.

Check out this new Harvard study for more data.

Alas, if only that were easy to change.

We’re born into our families and there are also powerful forces that minimize our chance of moving to richer countries. Such is life.

But there’s a silver lining.

Technology enables every “stakeholder” — parents, schools, communities, governments — to unlock and unleash people’s untapped human potential, like never before.

Take the next step, it’s the smartest way to get rich.

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