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Finding and identifying talent and potential used to cost a lot.

The cost included time and money.

Yet, a high cost of identifying talent and potential creates a huge problem.

It carries immediate as well as long-term consequences that affect businesses, people, schools, communities, and countries.

It affects the rate of economic opportunity and social inequality.

It even affects political restlessness, as Arab Spring protests and outpouring youth anger showed all too well.

Here is why.

When the cost of something is high, you just can’t ‘consume’ much of it.

You can’t get all you want or need, even though it’s available in abundance.

Some even get priced out and can’t afford it altogether.

As a result, the demand for talent and potential gets capped to levels that don’t reflect true private sector needs.

And that means that businesses and schools could only reach and identify a fraction of the talent that’s available around the world.

While the rest remains hidden. And disenfranchised.

All that has changed, however.

The cost of finding and identifying talent and potential is now a mere fraction of what it used to be.

It’s take a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost it used to.

And when the cost goes down, so do barriers.

Demand increases. Along with ‘consumption.’

And more ‘suppliers’ seek to enter the market and signal their ‘offering.’

This virtuous cycle makes the market grow and expand.

Just think of what this means.

We’ve reached a point where business and society can identify the world’s incredible bounty of talent and human potential.

For example…

47m kids and youth in Brazil can be connected to pathways to the future.

60m kids and youth in Nigeria can be on-ramped to learning and work.

300,000 minority youth in Chicago can get access to opportunity.

The list goes on, but you see where it’s going.

Technology innovation enabled this breakthrough.

We think it’s a game changer.

And it’s just the beginning.

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