Leadership talent: search vs. discovery

Leadership talent is hidden everywhere.

Emerging leaders are inside companies, in the lines of business or tucked away in back office units.

They’re also at schools, colleges, in digital learning programs, and beyond.

Many are even outside the corporate mainstream, working as freelancers or gig workers.

All of them have the skills stacks that make effective business leaders.

And, contrary to conventional wisdom, leadership talent is in fact abundant.

So how do you find them? Connect with them? Mobilize them? And how do you bring them on board to lead the companies of the future?


Searchincluding the human type, as well as its digital clone—can’t unearth these leaders.

Search is limited—and, as a paradigm, extremely limiting.

That’s because you can only search for the type of talent you already know. In other words, whom you know determines whom you find.

This is precisely why talent blindspots are such a big limiting factor for corporates, and for companies that aspire to serve the demand for business leadership.

Ciritcally, as the landscape of leadership changes and expands (geographically, demographically, and structurally), new types of leadership talent become critical. And that’s when the limitations of search become an even bigger problem.

For example, a Silicon Valley VC will have no idea what an African entrepreneur might look like. She will likely miss out on that opportunity.

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Discovery is the antidote to search. It’s the way of the future.

Here’s why.

Think of Netflix.

Imagine you had to search the Netflix database of movies by using search queries.

You’ll most certainly miss out on the best movies and spend most of your time searching and browsing.

Your content experience will get utterly warped. You’ll likely drop Netflix in a heartbeat.

Discovery, on the other hand, is a game changer.

Discovery algorithms help us find what we need, even though we don’t know it exists, what it looks like, or how to find it.

As we said earlier, discovery is the way of the future and we’re making this future a reality.

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