👑Meghan Markle

Has got the knack!

Meghan Markle sat recently alongside a young South African as she played the games on KnackApp to find out — and to digitally broadcast — her hidden, yet valuable superskills.

This young woman got so absorbed in gameplay as she won a level and moved onto the next, quickly getting into the immersive state of consciousness called flow.

That she had never played a videogame before did not matter.

Not even ten minutes later, and her hidden skills became apparent—to her and others.

For this young woman, and for many others around the world, the technology ignited a powerful forward motion that levels the playing field of access to opportunity.

The app helps more people in more places build a brighter future for themselves and their families—through broadcasting their skills and connecting with learning, education and work.

And it all starts with a (wicked smart) videogame.

As Meghan said—

“My parents came from little so they made a choice to give a lot. Reflecting on where I came from helps me appreciate and balance what I have now.”

Thank you, Meghan, for making that choice.

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