All that matters is how you see yourself. As Bill Gates said, “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world… if you do so, you’re insulting yourself.”

How you see yourself is one of life’s most powerful forces. In fact, Greek thinkers identified the motions that link knowing yourself with the actions you take in life.

Unleashing this force at scale offers enormous gains.

Specifically, enabling people to see their hidden potential and paths to success shapes their self-worth, mindset and actions.

Because if you don’t see yourself as a winner, you can’t perform as one.

At a time when millions are disenfranchised from the access to opportunity and a decent economic future, enabling them to see their hidden potential and future success is empowering — and revolutionary.

Metanoia, the change of mind and the new way of looking at oneself and the world, offers us the promise of massive change and a better tomorrow.

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