More than 90%.

Ted Barlow is the Founder & CEO of NouKòd (meaning “we code” in Haitian Creole).

Ted is an experienced IT executive and was Chief Security Officer at McAfee.

Ted emailed us last week to get our technical help.

Here’s what he told us.

Congratulations on your new platform, I can see already how it will help us use the tool and reports much easier.

We’ve been using KnackApp for the last couple of years with our recruiting program. We’ve now trained and employed 25 programmers since August 2018 and after 2 years our retention rate is more than 90%. I credit KnackApp for helping us find talent and allow us to be confident in their potential over the long term. We’re going to be expanding our training and hiring programs over the next 3 years to include more than 750 individuals. We’ll be using KnackApp for every hiring decision. I even mentioned how we use KnackApp in this article about our company.

We’re a train-to-hire program & company so we need to know how well our program participants/future employees will do before they take a seat. All in a different culture where most talent screening tools are useless.

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