News Alert: Key Partnership Signed

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KnackApp entered into a strategic partnership with India’s national skilling agency.

Skill development is a fundamental part of how modern economies work.

As people 10 to 25 years-old make up the largest cohort of the world’s population, skills and career counseling and matching becomes an essential digital service every person and household need.

Making this smarter is critical for the future of people, the workforce, and inclusive growth in every economy.

It’s the dawn of digital skill-and-career counseling: Our innovative technology enables large-scale skill counseling and continuous matching to training and jobs as people move across the skilling spectrum and their job journeys.

Skills are the currency of the future of work.

As part of the Government of India’s nationwide skilling strategy, this partnership aims to make KnackApp’s AI-powered gamified mobile technology a key element of India’s future skilling ecosystem, including:

  • Providing KnackApp skill-and-career counseling to skill-seekers across India

  • Introducing KnackApp to eSkillIndia user-base and providers

  • Matching young Indians with the right skilling, learning, and jobs they need

  • Using KnackApp meta-level data analytics for government-level labor market planning

India is undertaking the world’s largest digital skilling transformation. This is why this strategic partnership represents a massive opportunity on multiple levels in one of the world’s key growth markets.

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Don’t miss our forthcoming announcements; get our newsletter in your inbox.

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