Product Alert: Skill Store Mix-&-Match

Coronavirus has shocked labor markets and the way we work.

Post-Covid19 labor market requires therefore a whole new way of looking at talent.

Companies must zero in on the work ahead, and the specific future skills they need to succeed.

Rigid and formal mindsets are getting replaced by flexible and personalized approaches to talent and workforce.

Ask yourself what are the critical mandates your company faces now and in the near future, and what skills your company needs in order to achieve these business goals.

Consider the job, the team, the setting, the way people are expected to do their work, the business velocity you want to achieve, the uncertainty all around, and much more.

After all, you know your company best.

Then, go to the Skill Store to mix and match and create the special skill packages you need to succeed.

The Skill Store is not just a virtual store.

It’s a whole new way of managing talent.

It’s the new paradigm for success in the post-Covid19 market for talent.

Don’t stay behind. Go check it out.


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