Skill Maps, a new product from KnackApp

Google Maps, Waze and similar apps enable us to find, locate and reach places and businesses in the physical space.

They also enable us to discover places and businesses we didn’t know about, but which we consider relevant and useful (once we discover them). Discovery is a powerful feature that makes digital maps ever more useful.

Mobility apps like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Careem and Grab also rely on similar technologies to move people and objects.

Digital maps enable mobility and create the opportunity to discover otherwise hidden value, which makes them extremely useful digital-era services.

But maps can also help us find and discover ‘objects’ in non-physical spaces.

In particular, Skills Maps.

Skill Maps can map the skills stock of your company (so you can discover hidden skills, locate in-demand skills, ‘mobilize’ skills, or even identify the absence of skills).

Skill Maps can map the skills in your candidate pool (so you can route people to the right projects).

Skill Maps can map the skills of people on your team (so you can work more effectively).

And so forth.

A map makes otherwise hidden ‘objects’ or ‘places’ discoverable and accessible.

Once you have a map, you can mobilize skills to the right work and business opportunities.

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