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Happy Friday, everyone!

We wanted to share a food-for-thought nugget before you leave for the weekend. And, if you’d be celebrating Diwali, we also wish you the most joyous celebrations and a happy new year!

In the spirit of Diwali’s triumph of light over darkness, we think it’s important to focus on light—on what matters most.

To us at KnackApp, what matters most, today and everyday, is looking at people as individuals, not as labels.

We celebrate seeing their ability and facility, not their disability. And we seek to approach everyone with great humility that acknowledges their unique human potential, even if initially it might be hidden in plain view.

This is why we’re sharing new data that reveals the disability employment gap, showing an astounding 30% gap in employment.

Not only that, but you may also notice a virtually unnoticeable change over time.

What’s the takeaway?

  1. Businesses miss out on a hugely valuable — and available — skill pool

  2. Focusing on skills helps employers see people in the most useful way

  3. Skills-as-a-Service enables employers to unlock the immense business value of people’s skills stacks

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