Social Skills

Social skills are growing in importance.

More jobs involve more tasks that require strong social skills.

Social skills are becoming critical in hiring and professional development.

That’s why they’re also critical for students and people seeking jobs and promotions.

Fortunately, our cloud gamification platform makes it easy to identify and measure them quickly and effectively, at scale.

KnackApp offers businesses a smart solution to suss out people’s social skills (for as low as $1/person).

KnackApp also offers parents, schools, colleges and coaches a smart way to identify the social skill strengths (or gaps) of their teens, trainees, and students.

But there’s another point.

As more routine work gets automated away, the jobs of the future will require even more social interaction and collaboration.

Social skills will give you a strategic advantage.

Think of it this way:

strong social skills = smart workforce & business strategy.

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