Strategic Skills

CEO’s are constantly on the hunt for smart ways to obtain a unique advantage that produces persistent superior business performance.

That’s business strategy, in a nutshell.

Leaders often set their goals on making companies more innovative — aspiring to mimic the trendiest techworld companies — and bring to market successful products and services.

But, here’s the catch: innovative products are the outcome, not the strategy.

You need a strategy.

And in the skills economy, skills are the strategy.

In other words, obtaining a skills advantage presents a powerful strategic opportunity.

We’ve even reduced this to a formula:

People x Skills = Collaboration + Innovation + Products

How, then, do you execute a skills strategy?

It comes down to acquiring, mapping and tapping a skills stock that will enable your company to operate at new heights to achieve your business goals.

Our next post will unpack the strategic skills that make up a skills strategy.

Stay tuned!

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