The key reason why you should focus on identifying the highest potential talent

The world has changed, triggering a massive technology push into the digital future while radically reshaping the way we work and do business.

This critical change is putting heightened pressure on delivering higher business performance with fewer employees at overall lower cost.

The only way to achieve this and transition to the new landscape is by taking tight control over your supply chain: recruiting, evaluating, selecting and hiring to make sure you identify the highest potential talent that fits the company — all while controlling spend.

You’d want people who can perform strongly across today’s roles and tomorrow’s functions.

All this puts critical soft skills — including: eagerness to learn, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, ambiguity tolerance, adaptability, dependability, resourcefulness, grit, and collaboration — at the core of every company, as these are key to gaining workforce agility.

These will set your company apart, giving you much-needed flexibility in managing your workforce in times of inherent uncertainty.

‘High potential’ at times of inherent uncertainty means a totally different set of skills.

Recalibrating ‘high potential’ for the new reality gives you a business edge while also protecting you from the downside of additional business shocks.

Remember, flexibility is not compulsory but neither is survival.

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