The New War for Talent

Massive market shift currently underway makes hiring harder than ever

Employers are facing massive talent shortages at all levels:

  • Unskilled and low-skilled workers

  • Junior and early career professional talent

  • Experienced hires

  • Management & leadership talent

Businesses are having hard time hiring enough people, and job openings remain unfilled. Businesses are operating below desired capacity, and new initiatives can hardly move forward.

We think these are important telltale signs of a massive talent market shift that’s currently underway, and a critical call-to-action for employers to make key changes in how they recruit, hire and employ people.

Here are the key factors contributing to this massive shift:

  • Covid has radically altered people’s view of their homes, giving rise to people considering their home as the center of their life, health, earning, and learning

  • Covid has radically shifted people’s mindsets about public spaces, commuting, how they use time, and how and where they want to work from—and on what terms

  • Consumers’ massive migration to finding, buying and doing pretty much everything online (eg, grocery, shopping, learning, dating, consuming entertainment, and much more) is also massively reshaping their perception of “working” as an activity you can now do online

  • The massive rise of apps and cloud tools makes people seriously question the top-down narrative and conventional wisdom of the traditional office work model

  • Swaths of office workers don’t wish to work from offices any longer, having come to realize there are better, and presently fully acceptable and legitimate alternatives

  • Volumes of people are seeking career-shifting retraining in order to be able to work from home (or from anywhere else they might wish to work from)

We believe this shift is unidirectional.

This shift also deepens the divergence between old economy and digital economy businesses and work models.

This shift is going to reshape traditional talent acquisition, learning & development, and management and leadership.

Employers can expect to see highly volatile talent landscape, and are encouraged to examine their talent strategies.