Traditional career & leadership ladders are over

We used to think about careers as predictable, linear paths and ladders.

But in a world where job content and modalities change ever so rapidly and new jobs emerge daily, where the skills required to perform these jobs evolve constantly, and where people (anywhere!) can acquire new skills in non-traditional learning formats, the conventional career view is clearly outdated, misguided and, in fact, extremely limiting.

People, businesses, talent development stakeholders, communities and governments seeking to fully unlock the intrinsic value of talent and human potential must therefore adapt their view, approach and future actions.

The new career paradigm is:

  • Informed by personalized, tech-enabled AI talent insights

  • Non-linear, offering open-ended growth paths

  • Dynamically changing and responsive to in-demand skills and growth sectors

  • Tailor-made to individuals’ talents and ambitions

  • Driven by empowered individuals who continuously build and showcase their talent

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