What it's really like building a startup?

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Building a tech startup isn’t easy.

Someone once told us (warned us, actually) that it’s like walking in a desert (🌵🏜pick your own desert) without water, without knowing how close the nearest town is, etc…


We think differently. (It’s also why we didn’t heed that warning😉)

A startup is a ride. For sure.

It’s a roaring rollercoaster ride. Intense and thrilling, packed with novel experiences.

It makes your heart go faster; the release of glucose gives you a constant energy boost.

(The data-craving folks among our readers will appreciate knowing that research shows heartbeats per minute more than double from an avg. of 70 beforehand to an avg. of 153 shortly after the ride begins.)

And still…

During the ride we don't think of the risks of the ride.

We don't think: what if the rollercoaster suddenly breaks, what if it crashes, what if the seatbelt somehow unbuckles, what if we drop our phones or lose our eyeglasses…

Instead of thinking ‘What if this or that happens?’, we go with ‘Imagine how awesome it’ll be when this great thing happens!”.

It’s a different mindset. A fundamentally different mindset.

We think of it as a winning mindset.

And, if you’re wondering, then, yes, the difference between a failure mindset and a winning mindset makes all the difference in the world.

This mindset causes all sorts of wonderful things…

It sets us free to think big and imagine.

It unshackles us from the constraints of logic and dogma.

It makes us laser-focused on the power of innovation.

And liberates us from the tyranny of a linear worldview.

It makes us double-down on our mission—and our long-term vision.

It biases us towards taking big, bold actions.

It helps us filter the noise, and listen closely to our internal voice.

It makes us stay away from negative people who have a problem for every solution.

It makes us come together as a team, because great things are never done alone.

It makes us push ourselves to be our best.

It makes us want to soak knowledge like a sponge.

It makes us do everything we can.

It makes us act.

And it also makes us impatient, because there’s never quite enough time.

This mindset is a constant reminder that we can’t achieve anything extraordinary by playing it safe.

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