You can't beat this price

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’d know we’ve launched the new platform.

We wanted to share a few words about pricing.

Say you browse KnackApp Match and pick one of the readymade skill packs, Key Employability Skills, which you can see here:

This skill pack includes several skills and competencies, as you can see here:

When you Checkout, you make a one-time activation payment of $9.90 using a credit card, as you can see here:

You then get a smart link and QR code, which you use to invite/engage/attract your audience (of students, applicants, learners, employees, managers, candidates, alum, tweens in your household, community members, or anyone else you might want to) over any social, digital or offline channel (eg, store windows, Subway or Tube ads, etc.):

You can even share and post the link directly from the KnackApp platform, as you can see here:

Once your audience engages and plays, you decide which reports — and how many — you want to pay for and view, (In the skill pack shown above, for $3.70 per report).

That’s it.

Smart and simple.

KnackApp pricing fits any budget, giving you full control over how much you spend — and when you spend.

Oh, one more thing.

As you top-up your Knack Credits, you can get up to 10% extra free credits, as you can see here:

Now, want to see it all in action?

You’re just a click away.

Got to Match

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