Our mission is to help the most number of young people build and secure their future. 

With so much chaos and confusion around the future of work, we believe people need really smart tools that’ll help them build and secure their best economic future.

KnackApp is an audaciously bold platform on a mission to revolutionize how people find their sweet spots, develop their talent, and build their future.

Our technology innovation combines science, gaming, and AI.

The New York Times, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, The Economist, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, and many other books and publications wrote about KnackApp.

We’re working hard to level the massively uneven playing field and help everyone get their best shot at building their best future. Harvard, MIT, The World Economic Forum, The Royal Society of Science, The US Department of Education, The Obama White House, and other world-class organizations recognized KnackApp for its innovation and impact.

Come join us on this mission and journey.

—The KnackApp team


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