What do families actually want?

Families everywhere — in Sao Paulo, Santiago and San Francisco, in London, Lagos and Lahore, and in Munich, Mumbai and Manila — are united by the single aspiration of helping their children build their best possible economic future.

This universal aspiration is deeply rooted in the human psyche, and in our evolutionary biology. We’re wired this way.

group of person eating indoors

But the advent of the digital revolution has seriously shaken many parents and families worldwide as they come to witness their workskills become wholly inadequate — or utterly useless.

The threat of unemployment and economic insecurity affects millions of working adults worldwide, making their future prospects a constant, visceral and existential worry.

Moreover, with massive upheaval everywhere, parents fret their children might never be able to build and own their own future.

The economic implications for people and society can’t be greater, as the expected impact on poverty rates, social polarization, rising anger levels, and global economic slowdown is truly profound.

The tools of the past won’t do; we can’t use them to solve these new problems at the scale and speed we need to.

We need a new paradigm and a new set of scalable solutions.

We must, therefore, harness the power of digital technology and leverage its massive mobile reach to enable and empower families, parents and their children to build and own their future — on their own terms.

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