🌶How to hack innovation?

Consumers expect companies to innovate.

It’s the new constant.

And in a constantly connected world with a rapid flow of information, this consumer expectation is more firmly rooted and more consequential to business than at any time before.

It’s why innovation has become the ticket to the future that differentiates the brands of today from the brands of the future.

It’s also why companies constantly look for better ways to jumpstart their innovation output.

So why do so many companies struggle with innovating?

The key to hacking innovation is to reframe innovation as a skills-and-talent problem.

Insufficient innovation, in other words, is a talent problem.

Nobel prize laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi once said that —

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Observing what everyone sees but being able to identify needs, gaps and opportunities is more likely to happen if you have certain skills and talents.

Coming up with never-been-thought-before ideas is more likely to happen if you have certain skills and talents.

Turning ideas and concepts into projects and products is more likely to happen if you have certain skills and talents.

Innovation is about talent and skills.

Find and gather the right talent, and you’re already one big step ahead of your competition.

The good news is that big companies have abundant talent.

The bad news is they don’t know who has the knack for innovation.

This, in turn—

  • Handicaps their ability to uncover talent across the organization

  • Limits their ability to surface creative ideas

  • Undermines their innovation pipeline

The takeaway?

Make it your goal to uncover people with the knack for innovation.

Keep in mind that as the world shifts to skills and away from expertise, your potential talent pool is way larger than ever before.

Do that and your innovation outcomes will improve in leaps and bounds.

It’s your turn now.

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