👉The massive expertise-to-skills shift

The Atlantic Monthly published a piece on the future of work, and reached out to us to find out what we thought.

Here’s a snippet of what we told The Atlantic—

We’re starting to see a big shift. Employers are looking less at what you know and more at your hidden potential to learn new things.

The expertise-to-skills-shift is happening.

It’s real.

And it’s a very big deal.

We see it everywhere, in every industry and business.

We believe this shift is inevitable (and also liberating and democratizing!) because it’s enabled by digital technology innovation.

It’s happening because, unlike before, we have today a better way to discover and identify human talent anywhere.

This new way focuses on massively available, quantifiable, certifiable, demonstrable and transmittable signals of skills as the new unit of talent.

This new skills-as-a-currency system provides a far better way (compared with the traditional poor and exclusionary proxies of credentials and expertise) to discover and transact human talent.

This skills-as-a-currency system is more efficient, more accurate, more insightful, more accessible and more inclusive way to identify and measure talent—and to predict where it can go and what it can do.

Go back in history and you’ll see that we used to think that any matter was made of a combination of earth, air, fire and water.

But that all changed with the introduction of the Periodic Table of the Elements, which opened up new horizons and opportunities.

A similar revolution is happening right now.

This time, however, the matter is talent.

The Fearless Girl, standing on the sidewalk in Wall Street, is the embodiment of the revolution that’s shaping the skills-and-learning economy — and of the big opportunities it brings along.

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