🔔The New Talent: Unschooled but Highly Professional

This huge shakeup is redefining the talent space. Read on.

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Most companies that look to hire professionals focus on college-educated people.

Their thinking being that college is what inducts people into the professional talent pool.

This line of thinking dominates in virtually every field.

In business, banking, finance, insurance, media, communications, software, education, and more.

But this way of thinking is outdated—and wrong!

And sticking to it will cost you dearly.

That’s because the talent landscape is changing so rapidly, emerging as a fundamentally new skills-as-a-service market.

Here’s what we actually see:

  • Young Africans picking skills through YouTube (yes!)

  • Young Indians developing valuable skills through local meetups and hackathons (and picking tips and experience notes from mentors)

  • Young Americans acquiring skills through digital courses

  • Young Asians consuming every piece of information they can find on the web

How ever they go about it, they become super professional at what they do, whatever it is they happen to do.

This means that the path to becoming a professional doesn’t (have to) pass through formal schooling anymore.

There’s a different path, with multiple pathways.

And that’s a big shake-up to the landscape.

So whether you’re a business manager, recruiter, guidance counselor, educator, skill trainer, or parent, this skills revolution has key implications for you:

  1. How and where you find future talent is changing

  2. Learning is the x-factor of personal success in the skills-and-learning economy

  3. Acquiring skills also comes with invaluable hands-on experience

This new world redefines talent.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

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