🐵How we think about startup and entrepreneurship

If you’re following us, you’d know by now that—

🐵Our team is on a mission to innovate boldly, build disruptive technologies, release powerful digital products

🐵It’s part of our global mission — and ambition — to reshape how businesses discover talent, redefine how people connect with opportunity, and reimagine how economies unleash potential

🙈We don’t do things the conventional, expected way

🙉We get bored quickly and tune out many things we hear from the market

That’s part of why we’re getting asked (a lot!) about startup and entrepreneurship.

And we want to share with you how we think about it, and how we go about it.

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In one word, a startup is…


It’s all about learning.

🤔You’re probably asking, “How so?”

Let’s unpack this—

🍜We don’t know how to do many things we need to get done, so we learn and figure out these things

🍜We don’t know if what we want to do will actually work, so we do it quickly to learn if it does or doesn’t

🍜We don’t know how the market is going to respond to new things we do, so we build fast and release so we can learn from the pouring feedback

🍜We don’t always know who’s the best person to do something, so we keep things flexible so team members can learn and find out for themselves

🍜We don’t know what we don’t know, so we learned that spontaneous, unplanned, serendipitous conversations are often the most unexpected way to learn

Learning is the defining DNA of our startup.

And that makes us think learning should be the defining DNA of every group and organization that wants to change, innovate and make progress.

🍎Our community would love to LEARN from your experience, so do share!

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— The KnackApp team