Things we stopped doing...

Our team is on a mission to innovate more, build faster, ship better products, support more customers, impact more people, grow faster.

It’s all part of our bigger mission to change the world and make it better.

We realized that getting there is not just about what we do… but also about what we stop doing.


❌we stopped having full team meetings (and shifted to micro-team collaborations)

❌we stopped doing product demos (and helped companies move to DIY mode)

❌we (just!) stopped sending product presentations (cause we never like making these)

❌we stopped giving lengthy email responses (and encourage all leads to just sign up and use the product)

❌we stopped sending invoices (and shifted everything to digital)

❌we stopped prioritizing customer requirements over product roadmap

And we’ll probably stop doing many more things we used to do!

🤔What about you? What have you stopped doing? And what do you want to stop doing?

🍎Share your tips and pearls of wisdom, and help the community grow.

— the KnackApp team