Things we hear and ignore...

🚀Our team is on a mission to innovate boldly, build disruptive technologies, and release great digital products.

🌍🌎🌏It’s part of our global ambition to reshape how businesses discover talent, redefine how people connect with opportunity, and reimagine how economies unleash potential.

Achieving this is not just about what we do, but also about what we don’t do—and what we stop doing.

This is why we stopped doing certain things.

(Yes, we also know it makes some people raise their eyebrows, and that’s okay).

One of the things we stopped doing is giving our time to dawdlers’, companies that for whatever reason are not ready to change.

white rotary telephone on table

Dawdlers like to keep things as they are.

The future doesn’t excite them.

They also use certain language that helps us spot them quickly—

🙉”Can you send us more information, presentations and brochures?” (No)

🙉”We’re on a journey to innovate, but and we’re just starting…” (Great)

🙉”We’re just exploring new things…” (…)

🙉”We’re going to discuss this in our offsite meeting next year…” (Good luck)

🙉”We’re going to put this on our innovation agenda for next year” (Wow!)

🙉”Please keep us updated as you continue your journey” (We’re busy)

Dawdlers make us zone out. And that’s when we tune out.

Time is precious. Innovation can’t wait.

🤔Have you met any dawdlers?

🍎Share your tips and help our innovation community grow.

— The KnackApp team