How to find extraordinary talent?

With pictures of extraordinary young people from around the world

Extraordinary talent is hidden everywhere.

Yes, our data shows there’s extraordinary talent everywhere.

But this talent trove remains undiscovered, and its value goes unrealized.

Finding this global talent stock will make all the difference in the world — for these people and their families, our schools and companies, our economy and innovation throughput, and our society’s welfare.

Yet, extraordinary talent comes in all ‘shapes and forms’ that you don’t even know exist or what they look like.

To put it simply, you won’t even know where to look and you won’t be able to find them—if you continue to do what organizations have been doing pointlessly and wastefully for decades.

Sometimes, oftentimes, we’ve got to just stop doing certain things so we can do something different, something bold, that produces results.

Here’s what we recommend:

Don’t think search.

🍎Think discovery.

📡Let people anywhere <signal> their hidden superskills, so you can discover the extraordinary talent that’s out there in the world.

These ‘honest signals’ are helping us index the world’s stock of human potential and form our Google Maps for Talent

This is why our technology makes otherwise hidden, obscure and unrecognized human talent discoverable and accessible.

Technology change is changing the game and enables the discovery, development and deployment of the world’s stocks of extraordinary talent — at web scale, like never before.

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These pictures show young people around the world signaling their hidden talent and human potential.

We want to reach the new human frontier. It’s our moonshot challenge.

We chose this as our goal. Not because it’s easy, but because it’s the most valuable and consequential goal we know of.

We’re climbing the highest mountain, not so the world can see us but so we can see the world.

Because that will enable us to see farther and make all the difference in the world.

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