Skills-as-a-Services: Superskills

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The digital talent landscape is changing rapidly, and companies must transform every aspect of their business operations.

To thrive in this new economy, businesses must discover extraordinary talent and leaders who can do great work, work well with others, and produce strong results.

To do that, employers are moving away from traditional qualifications, seeking instead ‘honest signals’ that show what people can do and how well they’ll perform.

This is why skills — the honest signals that link most strongly to future work performance — are quickly becoming the new global currency that powers the talent market of the digital economy.

In this economy skills are a strategy, for obtaining a skills advantage presents a powerful strategic advantage.

Superskills, Nanoskills

The global skills space consists of superskills and nanoskills. (While various terms are used to describe skills, it’s time to use a clearer ver(k)nac(k)ular fitting a new global currency).

Superskills are the basic “elements” that make up people’s unique “operating systems.”

Nanoskills are the “apps” people “run” (or could run) on their unique superskills “operating systems.”

In an effort to develop a global skills system, we’re launching a new superskills stack, which we’re sharing here ahead of the product release.

Our Skills-as-as-Service SaaS platform uses these superskills to provide a full stack of business and consumer features and services.

Stay tuned for more, soon.

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