Prestige vs Potential

Most of the things we do come down to one of two exchanges:

  • Trading money for prestige

  • Trading prestige for money

Prestige, by design, is scarce and exclusive.

Prestige is linked to one’s past.

Prestige doesn’t scale.

In contrast…

Potential is abundant.

Potential is inclusive.

Potential is an equalizer.

Potential is future-centric: what one can do in the future.

Think about it.

Which camp are you in?

Which “exchange” do you prefer? Money for prestige? Money for potential?

If you’re a CEO, dean, policymaker, or a parent, do you go for prestige, or rather for potential?

Can you imagine the possibilities?

Can you imagine the consequences that’ll flow from answering this question?

Here’s the answer.

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