⌛️Why timescale is most critical?

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Innovation is the make-or-break of every business.

And businesses that don’t (or can’t) innovate, become obsolete (remember Kodak?).

But innovation alone just won’t do it.

Here’s why.

Innovation has a temporal dimension.

The new service or product has to reach the market in time.

Or else it becomes irrelevant even before it hits the market.

Think about it.

The market isn’t static. Market sentiment is always forming and reforming.

The market is always looking for new breakthroughs.

Innovation means service paradigms and product categories are constantly changing.

At the meta level, innovation also puts constant pressure on existing product distribution and customer acquisition models.

Which breeds new business models and produces new businesses.

Bearing this in mind is critical precisely because this broader innovation space caps the timeliness window for your innovation.

Let’s make this more concrete.

Think of the shift to cloud.

If you’re developing a non-SaaS product, you’re probably misallocating your time and energy or, at best, targeting a rapidly shrinking laggard market.

The takeaway?

If you want to innovate successfully

  1. Don’t treat innovation as a non-time-bound process

  2. Manage the timescale of innovation

  3. Accelerate the speed of learning

  4. Reach high information-processing speed, make fast decisions, then leap to action

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