The Financial Times had a recent piece on women and careers.

Here’s a small bit.

In the 1970s when social historian Jane Robinson was at school, British girls were offered just four paths to fill up the time between leaving education and getting married: “secretary, nurse, teacher — and hairdresser”.

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Robinson wanted to go to university, despite a discouraging careers adviser who advised her:

“A degree was no guarantee of job satisfaction, or even a job. Why bother?”

Women from all sorts of economic backgrounds fought for personal fulfilment and professional achievement.

Indeed, Robinson went on to study at Oxford and has published more than ten books, including one (not surprisingly, perhaps) on the adventures of the first professional women.

While Robinson was quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to unleash her potential, millions of girls and young women worldwide are still left behind.

Imagine what would happen if, say, 1M young African girls are given a chance to fulfill their inherent potential!

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