Peter Thiel👉👉Where is the next generation of innovators?

Innovation is the lifeline to the future.

Where, then, are the world’s exceptionally talented people who will pioneer the major breakthroughs and create the technologies of the future that solve the most pressing problems?

As Peter Thiel points out, we’ve got no shortage of research talent, but that’s not what we’re after.

What we’re after is extraordinary talent.

Specifically, we’re seeking the young people anywhere who have a ridiculous knack for radical innovation (even if they don’t know they have it!)

Many local and global initiatives, including the Intel Science Competition, the Society for Science and the Public, and the US Government’s National Science Foundation, invested billions of dollars in trying to find these people.

But the returns are limited — and incremental — and these initiatives can’t scale.

We need a fundamentally new approach.

Its unit economics must be ever so low that it can scale fast to the maximal frontier.

It must find and surface the world’s exceptional talent from a global pool of 1.2 billion youth.

That’s because these young people are hidden everywhere (as the data shows).

And because our future depends on them.