🚗 🚕 🚙 Electric Cars Drive Massive Job Losses

Mobile is key to the coming reskilling revolution

Electric cars are reshaping the car industry like never before.

First, electric engines are made of fewer parts that require less maintenance than combustion engines.

Second, vehicle production is reaching higher than ever levels of automation.

The result is massive layoffs.

In 2018, employment in the car industry in Germany reached 834,000.

The picture is changing faster than we can notice.

The rapid shift to electric mobility is driving massive layoffs of traditional automotive workers.

Today, Handelsblatt, the German daily business newspaper, reported that—

The shift to electric vehicles could cost 410,000 jobs in Germany by 2030.

Nasdaq recently reported that—

While Forbes reported that—

According to Fortune magazine—

And Bloomberg added that—

In the UK, The Guardian reported that—

And on CNN we read that—

The message is crystal clear.

Change is afoot.

The upheaval brought about by technology innovation is eating jobs and displacing workers whose skills are all but obsolete.

We actually warned about the shrinking half-life of skills, as Accenture reported:

Angela Merkel’s dispirited expression doesn’t bode well for the future of German workers—and for the future of car industry workers worldwide.

Image result for german electric cars 2020 merkel

But this massive change — and its large-scale displacement — goes far beyond the car industry.

The World Economic Forum predicts that upwards of 1 billion workers will need to be reskilled within the next five years!

Technology innovation is redefining and reshaping skills stocks for the knowledge-based skills economy.

What, then, should be done about it? And who should be doing what?

Our message is straightforward.

We need to use the awesome power of digital technology and mobile devices to revolutionize reskilling and to enable retraining — at web scale.

Enabling people to rebuild and refresh their skill stacks requires the following:

  1. Making reskilling and career guidance accessible to anyone, anywhere

  2. Informing people of the range of pathways most suitable for them

  3. Providing individuals with realistic, userful, and actionable insights

  4. Matching individuals with the most effective learning & skilling pathways

  5. Enabling people to signal their skills and enabling businesses to discover these signals

We’re hard at work building our next generation platform.

We’ll be announcing more details very soon.

Stay tuned!!

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