The real deal

People following our newsletter know (and have seen the data showing) that human potential is truly evenly distributed across geographic regions, rural and urban populations, countries and cultures, ethnicities, genders, age groups, socioeconomics, and the spectra of disabilities.

It’s not an assumption nor a hopeful projection.

It’s a fact rooted in our global database.

Potential is abundant (but massively under-utilized).

Potential is inclusive.

Potential is an equalizer.

Potential is a leveler.

Potential is invaluable, and limitless.

Potential is future-forward: it centers on what someone can do in the future.

Our customers and users — including individuals, corporates, colleges, schools, accelerators, and governments — are rapidly dropping the traditional credential-based human capital paradigm in favor of our global human potential digital platform.

In fact, the pandemic accelerated the shift to human potential career paradigm, as people learn and earn remotely and companies look for talent anywhere they can find it.

But bigger changes are coming as we use the awesome power of the Internet to enable people anywhere reach their potential, career success, and economic security.

The even distribution of human potential is not enough. We’ve got to also make career success widely shared and evenly distributed.

ps ~ here’s a list of things we stopped doing because changing and evolving is key; check it out to see how you can start changing things, too 😉

While we’re at big changes and changing our minds, here’s a line we like:

Thinking is a tiring process; it is much easier to accept beliefs passively than to think them out, rigorously questioning their grounds by asking what are the consequences that follow from them.

~ Susan Stebbing, Thinking to Some Purpose (1939)

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