What's in Your Wallet?

Money makes the world go round.

gold-colored Bitcoin

But skills make the economy work.

Skills are the units that make up talent.

Skills are the currency that enables business to make things, create value and grow.

And, yet, while people everywhere from all economic backgrounds have valuable skills employers need, they can’t signal their skills.

The tools of the past can’t provide the solutions we need to make the skills economy work at the right scale and speed.

Those tools don’t ‘translate.’ They don’t scale. They’re too expensive. They’re fraught with friction. They create barriers. And they exclude massive segments of the global talent pool.

The new skills-as-a-service economy requires novel solutions that enable people and businesses to interact and transact like never before.

We need innovative infrastructure that supports the future of families, the future of work, and the future of learning.

That’s why we’ve built our new product.

The Skill Wallet.

The Skill Wallet is a universal system for storing, accumulating, broadcasting and transacting your talent.

The Wallet includes your certified, data-computed skills (and much more).

The Wallet enables frictionless talent transactions: from discovery, recruiting and hiring to learning, leadership and development.

But there’s way more.

Our Wallet also allows service providers, schools, colleges, and employers to recommend and personalize learning, skilling, re-skilling, gigs, work and other experiences.

We’ve designed the Wallet to serve families and kids, youth, students, adult workers, freelancers, managers and leaders in the market as well as inside organizations.

We’ll be sharing more product details in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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