Skill Wallet, an upcoming product from KnackApp

Money makes the world go round, but skills make the economy work.

Skills are the currency that enables business to create new products, deliver services, product business value — and grow.

And, yet, while people from all economic backgrounds have valuable skills that employers need, they hit a wall when trying to signal their skills.

The tools of the past can’t provide the solutions we need to make the skills economy work.

These tools don’t scale. They’re too expensive. They’re fraught with friction. They create barriers. And they exclude massive segments of the global talent pool.

The new skills-as-a-service economy requires powerful solutions that enable people and businesses to interact, connect and transact skills like never before.

We need innovative digital infrastructure that supports the future of work, future of learning, and future of families.

That’s why we’ve built our new product.

We’re introducing our Skill Wallet —

The Skill Wallet is a universal system for identifying, acquiring, strengthening, storing, broadcasting, and transacting your skills and talent with the market.

The Wallet showcases AI-computed, scientifically-certified skills (and much more).

The Wallet enables frictionless talent transactions: from discovering skills anywhere, to identifying future innovators, recruiting and hiring, learning and skilling, collaboration and leadership, and more.

But there’s way more in store.

The Wallet enables service providers, schools, colleges and employers to personalize and match people with learning, skilling, re-skilling, development, career planning, gigs, jobs, work projects, and other key experiences that make up the future of work.

We’ve designed the Wallet to serve families, youth, students, workers, freelancers, managers and leaders, anywhere.

We’ll be sharing more details in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.

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