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Startup Santa

What it's really like building a startup?

Satya Nadella, Microsoft, Super Learners

It costs a fraction of what it used to...

Predictive career planning, on your mobile

Know what Picasso said?

Which type of CEO is better?

🔔This newly discovered bias drives conflict at work (...and beyond)

How to get one (giant) step ahead of others?

A link between 🎓Harvard 📗Harry Potter & 🎨Van Gogh?

🌍A true story, not to be missed

⌛️Why timescale is most critical?

Really? A link between your inventions and your parents

💡❓The things we question about innovation

Why big companies can't collaborate?

Why big companies can't innovate?

Really? A connection between🍻alcohol &💡inventions?

🐵How we think about startup and entrepreneurship

Things we hear and ignore...

How to find extraordinary talent?

Things we stopped doing...

Skills-as-a-Services: Superskills

Skills-as-a-Services: Superskills

Successful digital transformation

Netflix for Talent

Leadership talent: search vs. discovery

Going to college? This innovation is for you

career innovation

👑Meghan Markle

Strategic Skills

Skills Stacks

What's the best investment right now?

Are you still asking that question?

Autonomous Hiring

🍕Teams are eating the world of work

Must-know blind spots

🏆Nobel prize for the most noble cause

Skills Stocks


Are you ready for this big change?

Hiring must-haves

How to get ahead?

Talent blindness

👑Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


How did American millionaires do in high school?

Skill Maps

Skill Maps, a new product from KnackApp

Apple and the future of Jobs

The Skills Economy: Superskills and Microskills